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About Us

100% Consumer Focused

At Conserv we are dedicated to bringing the best of technology and products to meet the needs of consumers and make their lives comfortable. We make washer dryers, refrigerators, Dishwashers and many more products that facilitate the business of life. You will find our products in homes all across United States and Canada. Our aim is to make Conserv the first choice of consumers all over North America. That is why quality is a priority and constant innovation, a quest. Our consumers expect the best from us. Living up to their challenges make us strive to improve, innovate and perform constantly, sustaining growth and profitability. With the Conserv range of washer dryers we have specifically tried to address the needs of apartment owners and apartment residents.

Safe & Environment friendly

With an entire range of combo washer dryers which not only are energy and water efficient but also are compact in size and silent in operation. With the emphasis on additional amenities available at apartments on the rise and one which stands out above the rest is an in-unit laundry. In-unit laundry is not only the most requested feature by new residents, it’s also a critical factor in attracting buyers and retaining top tenants. Best of all, investing in in-unit laundry pays for itself by boosting rental rates and adding thousands of dollars to the value of any property. So go ahead and shop online for our exclusive range of products for apartments and condos

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